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Gas cap rebuild

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Could not find a new gas cap for my simple 2010 so did a rebuild new plastic cap, old one the gas ate up. and new cork float. A lousy hot day with nothing better to do.main gas cap peace's


Making the lens for gas cap. Heat gun turned to 360 to 380 deg. F Hold gun about 2 in. from suitable plastic this one cut from a bottle.Watch for it to start melting keep moving heat gun plastic will start to clear from the frosty look. If to much heat applied in one spot the plastic will shrink.


Put a ball bearing or couple peace's of metal in the middle as I did to help stretch the plastic into some kind of mold, this mold is a circle cutter from a another tool. Take a heave weight add pressure , let cool. If you don't use something to stretch the plastic down it will return to natural state.


Peace of metal or ball bearing in center of lens.


First attempt you can see where plastic shrunk (left pic) second attempt (right pic) success. Cut plastic larger and trim after heat treating. Check plastic first to make sure it is compatible with fuel.


Gas cap on left would not screw onto the tank, cap on right is the rebuild with new cork that was cut to fit. Lens epoxied back into the top. Some of the parts can be retrofitted onto the old cap (float and spiral). Good luck if you have nothing else and want the challenge.


Remember it's not the cost it is the challenge to do something different.id="navy">Remember to vent the cap! I used a small nail heated the end than push through the plastic cap on the top lens. Drill may crack the lens and jump in to far and mark the dial.







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I tried it last night. My gas cap was cracked and someone epoxied all over it. Pryied it out and BEHOLD there was a nice gauge underneath. I did it just as the instructions say above. Thanks for your idea, now I won't run out of gas with me not knowing:D

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