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Loader for Homelite T16

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Do you mean a T-16 like a Simplicity 7016 or a T-16 that was Allis-Chalmers made.

Just wanted to know to see which one you had. I'm pretty sure the Allis one will work.

The Simplicity made one will definitely work. I have a 7016 that has a loader and it works great, but I little hard to steer when the loader is loaded. Put a weight box on the back and put chains on the tires and it works great for really deep snow. Otherwise I use a blower or blade.

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I put an Ark 515 loader on an Allis 712 many years ago. Loader was originally on a 300 or 400 series Allis. I mounted in a way that I did not change the original sub-frame in case someone down the road wanted to put it back on the tractor it was meant for.I placed a 38" tiller on the back for a counterweight, wheel weights & 6 ply narrower trailer tires on the front with 60 psi.I sold to a guy in the Milwaukee area about 4 years ago to pay for an Allis 720. Just got a 700 Ark loader for that this spring.I picked up a 3 bottom Allis slatted 14" moldboard plow with a chain & set on a trailer with no trouble.I had the front clutch for the snowblower on the Kohler to engage & disengage the pump.I have plenty of pictures on my home computer I can post. I just grabbed this one off the web as I new there had been discussions & opinions about how it was installed in the past on a couple different sites.If you search the archives you will find one on this site.



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The Allis built Homie would have an even beefier front axle than the Simplicity variety, so if it's worked for these guys, and you have the AC version, you're in better shape yet, IMO

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I have an Allis built Homie T10 with a 12hp upgrade with what looks like a Kwik-Way loader on it. I bought it from Ronkon a couple of years ago, and the front end has held up well so far. I broke the original rearend housing and axel, then ate up the differential on the replacement, but seems to be working well now. Well worth the replacement parts for the labor it has saved me over the last couple of years!

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