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Tractor of the Month- November

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Tractor of the Month Contest

November 2015id="size5">

This months contest will be :

"LiTTle BiG Tractor"id="green"> id="size6">

Lets have some contrast in sizes this month. Put your biggest tractor in the same picture with your smallest tractor. Can be Lawn tractors, Riders, Garden Tractors, Subcompacts, and even an Allis Chalmers Farm tractor for this one. Both machines must be in same picture. Individual photos are not acceptable. .id="red">id="size5">

Voters will choose the best overall entry and its presentation id="navy">

Open to:id="size3">

All Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Lawn & Garden Tractors, and also a AC farm tractor for this oneid="orange">id="size5">

As well as all other names made by Simplicity and/or Allis Chalmers id="orange">

Please Note:

All pictures submitted to Tractor of the Month contests should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation

Also: If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page


Tractor of the month contest guidelinesid="size3">

1. For club members and registered users. This also includes all officers, moderators, and administrators.

2. The selection committee will determine each monthly contests criteria. Equipment that does not meet theme criteria will be disqualified by the committee and removed from the submission topic.

3. The tractors submitted can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuild - or as specified by the committee.

4. This contest is open for owners to enter their own tractors, or by having someone else nominate them - upon which owner must accept and post entry.

5. The contest is limited to the first 8 entries submitted. This due to the poll system only being able to accommodate 8 entries. Following the 8th entry, the contest topic will be closed to further entries. Votes will be taken in the normal time frame as stated below.

6. Post your entry as a reply to this topic. Narrative and pictures are required - This to tell its story, and to convince voters why it is deserving of being the next Club's tractor of the month.

7. You can enter a tractor/equipment multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once that tractor has won, you cannot submit that tractor again for a year on any subject.

8. Each contest will have a entry submission period beginning the 15th day of each month and lasting to the 15th day of the following month. Once the submission period is over, the current nomination topic will be locked and the next opened.

9.Following each months submission period, a poll topic will then be opened and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in the nomination topic. All members and registered users are eligible to vote. Vote will last for a period of two weeks , from the 15th day of month to the last day of each month. The new winner will be declared on the 1st of each month.

10. Wining tractors each month will be posted on the club home page for a period of one month, 1st day of the month to the last day of the month, and a Contest winners hat will be sent to the winner.

11. Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

12. All pictures submitted should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation. If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page

13. Final vote results will be posted to Poll topic at the time the Poll topic is closed. These posted results are the official, and FINAL[/u] results that will determine the winner each month regardless of any further votes cast After the polls have been closed. This is stated because while replies cannot be made after a poll topic is closed, apparently votes can continue to be cast. Its a technical issue that we have to work around at the present time.

14. In the event of a tie, the following procedure will be in effect. The tied winners will share having their pictures posted on the Club home page, each having an equal amount of the months time in the spotlight. There will only be one hat awarded though, and so there will be a run-off vote between the tied members for the hat. This vote will last 2 weeks. The winner of this second run-off vote will receive the winners hat.

If a tied winner has already won a contest and a hat, the hat for the tied contest will automatically be given to other tied winner who has not won one yet.

id="left"> id="size1">

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For this months TOM, I will be entering my 1989 Simplicity 7117H and my 1968 Simplicity 717. The 7117 I just recently purchased from a kid at my school. They said it didn't run but I got it running 5 minutes after it got to my house. The only problem was (which I think is why it wouldn't start for them) the ammeter terminal and the wire getting bad contact. Other than that it has ran fine. The 717... Well, it was forsale beside the road and thought that it was an nice, small tractor. (this was the second Simplicity I got). It went really slow and after a bit, I found that my Large Frames were so much better. Its in a non-permanent retirement right now because I don't use it all that much. My dad really likes it and so, I let him use it. He uses it most of the time. So, heres what you've been waiting for...THE PICTURES!!

fondas canon 001.jpg

fondas canon 002.jpg

My dad sanded the hood and is waiting for me to repaint it. I think it needs a bit more sanding;)

fondas canon 003.jpg

fondas canon 004.jpg





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For the November TOM I will submit my smallest and largest tractors. The B206 is I believe from the early 70's. It is complete but I have not run it yet even though I have had it for several years. The CA is a 1953 and was given to me by my daughter and son in law when they moved into town from their farm. Free is always good!! Pics are as follows.







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Ok having some fun with this one. The Broadmoor I bought 30 years ago and mowed an acre of grass for many years. Gave it to sister in law who used it for 5 or so years and then we got it back. That is just a little sweetheart of a tractor. Have been cutting grass now with the 4041 for the past 8 years but just can't part with the Broadmoor again.....























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Here is my entry into the mix.I have had these two since 2001-2002.The CA is a 1952 with a Woods 72 inch deck. I Bought it from an estate and it was due for a clutch. Once I got into it the story is like so many others,one more thing and so on. Next thing is, might as well give it a squirt of paint as well. I use this to mow driveway ditches and trails.It is great when we get behind in yard mowing too as it can get things back under control quick. The B207 was an intended resto with engine overhaul and complete teardown. It's pivot point was froze up and it sat on three wheels until disassembly. Nice straight tractor but had set outside a long time.Its primary use is the fall fertilizer tractor as well as Grandsons favorite ride.

img][<a  href=http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn31/debloomberg/IMG_1594_zpsxcvoozpt.jpg' alt='IMG_1594_zpsxcvoozpt.jpg'>IMG_1607_zpswt2szfzv.jpgIMG_1609_zps0qcrcquo.jpgIMG_1600_zpski1rtrpr.jpg]

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