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M20 compression for cylinders

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In reading on the Kohler site, M20 service manual, when it speaks of compression testing, it states that if the cylinders vary more than 15% or are less than 90 PSI, check for the following:

And it goes on to tell you all of the things that may be an issue. So apparently, to answer your question, you are at the low end of acceptable at 90 PSI. I did not see where it tells us what is the normal good operating PSI is, however, it is my understanding that 100 PSI would be an acceptable minimum. SOunds like at 90 PSI you might be a bit on the weak side.

Look on the Kohler site. They have a place to search owner's and service manuals, and they are excellent as far as detail and instruction. If you compare their manuals for service and rebuilding to Briggs, well, there is no comparrison.

Good luck!

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