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Front Hitch Compatibility-Landlord to Prestige?

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Will front attachments from a Landlord or DLX pin right up to a Prestige/Conquest?

I have blower #1691522, with hitch #1692040. The blower should work with a variety of hitch's, as we're accustomed to. It's NOS.

The hitch 1692040 looks to be compatible with Landlord and Landlord DLX machines, and earlier GTG/H's (also NOS). I peeked at a Landlord with a deck and it sure looks identical (except electric lift vs hydrolift) to the setup I have under my Prestige.

I would like to sell the blower and hitch, and am wanting to accurately describe compatibility.


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From my Simplicity attachment interchageability guide

42" Single stage blower mfg. no. 1691522

To adapt this snowthrower you need a

1693500 or 1692041 Hitch and Service

Kit 1686886.

Here is the snowthrower up fit kit that will be needed to put that blower and hitch on a Prestige.


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You either do one of two things to mount an older blower on a newer Broadmoor/Conquest/Prestige.

A) you go the route Ray mentioned above using a Landlord hitch with an upfit kit.


B) You do like I did and pick up a Broadmoor/Conquest/Prestige hitch and cut the front of it back and alter the layout so the older blower will pin on.

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