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Cheap Nelson can muffler fix

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I picked up a B12 a couple of years ago at and auction and was able to get it running with a NOVA II and carb rebuild. The original Nelson muffler was on and worked great until this summer, when the end of it blew off, creating a very loud straight pipe.I'm 'frugal' and was raised on a farm, so cob jobs are a way of life. My original plan was to just slide a can over the out side of it and screw it on, but none of the cans I had on hand were large enough. A Tutto Roso tomato can was a perfect fit for sliding inside of the muffler, after removing and re-positioning the baffle from the original exhaust port to the straight pipe into the engine block.

1 baffle repositioned.jpg

I then cut the can to the depth that I needed to fit inside of the muffler so that the edges were flush. I removed about 1.25 inches from the top of the can though this is not an exact measurement as I eyeballed it.

2 cut can.jpg

I used a handful of sheet metal screws I had laying around to secure the can to the muffler around the circumference one at the end to secure the baffle from falling out of the straight pipe due to vibrations.

3 screwed in.jpg

Lastly, I found a rust hole that had escaped my notice and was not covered by the can insert. I used the piece of meal left over from the can to create a baffle to direct the exhaust away from the frame and engine as well as help reduce the noise produced.

4 rust hole redirect.jpg

It is more quiet, compared to the original muffler and especially after the end blew off, but it is no where nears quite overall. I am looking into attaching a Geo Metro car muffler for a much quieter ride as well as an electric conversion.





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I dont have a pic of it yet, but some time ago I had the same thing happen and welded a propane bottle to the nelson muffler base plate with the core of the muffler still inside. It still works, not a modern quiet but better by far than the pepper pot ones.

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