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Sunstar CH20 Spark Issue

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I have a Simplicity Sunstar with the Kohler Command CH20. I have one cylinder with an intermittent spark. It (the spark) will vary between minimal to none. It is obvious when the spark goes away because I loose half of my power.

Any ideas as to how to fix this? Can I easily get to and replace the ignition coil? I am hopeful that this can be done with the engine in place. :)

Comments appreciated.

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Well it depends on your view of the engine in "place". You more than likely will at least have to move it forward in order to remove the blower housing. Not too bad of a job. I just did this to replace head gaskets on mine. Good time to clean up everything and grease those u joints that are hard to reach!

If you have help lifting would be easier to set it on the bench for working on. How many hours? If you are in the 800s and above consider the head gaskets. Now is the time!!


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Here's a pic of exactly where they are and how they're mounted:


As Harry stated, I think you'll have to move the engine forward to get enough access to get to the ignition coils.... unless you can move the cooler that's in front of the blower housing in a SunStar.


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Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I can see now where the job will be easier if the engine is pulled. I bought the parts online and now waiting for the "right time" to dive in. I do have a lift to get the engine out. Hopefully, I can do this in-and-out in 3 hours or less. Thank you for the photo image Phandan.

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I am planning on pulling the engine. I am able to get a pulley system right above the tractor. This will offer the greatest access and hopefully the least amount of frustration. Now if only I had been smart enough to buy two ignition coils.... 4i

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