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Front Oil Seal and Governor recovery

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I have a used 7117H which I have completely restored. It is truly a beautiful tractor. I have a rototiller and snow plow for it. I also Have 2 Simplicity 725s, A.C.B10, Wards Squire 9 and a Farmall Cub. I had a Simplicity 700 but gave it to a very worthy young boy to encourage he and his father pursuing the hobby. I only give this background so any responders will know I have some knowledge in the hobby.

My 7117H has blown its front oil seal twice. The second time after a new seal was installed by a dealership. Is this due to a potentially bad bearing or what. My second problem is the recovery on the Governor is not consistent and some time quite poor causing the engine to race excessively. Does anyone have any experience with either problem in the 7117H? I thank you in advance for any consideration that might be rendered.

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The KT17 engines and the Magnum twins have an issue that can cause your problems with the seal. If you look at the top of the engine you will see where there is a rubber hose that goes from the air cleaner to a cover. This is a valve cover, however, under that cover is the breather assembly. There are two styles of breathers, the old style is a rubber "mushroom" type breather valve, the new style is a steel reed type valve. The old style mushroom valves tend to fail and this can cause excessive pressure in the crankcase causing the seal failure. I would look at that first. It's fairly easy to access, and the new style valve is still available for about 30 bux.

As far as the governor, they are another achilles heel in these engine. They can fail completely and cause severe internal issues. I say they can fail, as they have been known to do so, however it is fairly rare. I would do a complete readjustment of the governor. Per the Kohler service manual for these engines:

Loosen governor arm from shaft, turn the shaft clockwise as far as it will go, pull governor arm as far away from the carburator as it will go, and tighten the nut.

I recommend the Kohler Engine site often. It is easy to negotiate, it has both service and owner's manuals for their engines, and the manuals are excellent as far as detail and instruction. There is no charge and you can download a complete PDF for your engine manuals.

Good luck and welcome to the club!

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Did your oil seal "blow" meaning ruptured or did it work it way out of the front case. Follow Brett's recommendation above, but also check to see if you have a seal that is a little small on the OD, or the closure case is a little large.

I had one that worked its way out of the case, the seal OD fit so lose that I could push the seal back into place with my fingers. The next time it worked its way out, (took several months) I put some permatex gasket sealer on the OD of a new seal and installed it (it installed with about the right interference fit). Going good for many years.

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I have a neighbor who has a Sovereign with a Command (not the same engine but maybe the same cause) that blew out (meaning pushed the seal out of the block bore). The root cause was a blown head gasket causing blow by from the cylinder to the crankcase.

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