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Hillbilly redneck backwoods leaf processing

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I have a lot of leaves to contend with. Most of the trees drop them and make a sizeable mess. After I get those cleaned up, then the silver maples drop theirs and I have to start all over again. Last year I waited through both drop sessions, and actually plowed leaves with the 416 and dozer blade....shoulda got some pictures of that, but oh well.

Finally got a mower deck that works, so when I was over at ron7's house this summer I picked up a vac collector. We mounted it up and made a belt work, I had to hook the tensioner different but it will do.

Now to get a boot and some hoses!

I don't even know where to get a boot, and hoses are pretty spendy. Time for a trip to the mans mall!

Picked up a 12" by 6" end duct, two elbows, a 24" pipe, and a 7" to 6" reducer, just to hook the vac to the deck. No reason to custom build a cart if the vac don't collect, right?

The end duct fits over the opening on the deck pretty good, but I popped the cheap spot welds and bent it a little here and there. Bolted it to the deck in a few spots. Two elbows, a pipe, and some junk 6" drainage hose, a brace made out of flat iron, and a strategic bungee cord, and she is ready for a test run. Usually, I am not allowed to operate my machinery until someone else gets bored, but in this case it allowed me to observe and make adjustments on the fly.

I didn't think it would work that good, but it all goes out the pipe, so I guess we start on the cart next. All this duct work is pretty flimsy, so I am going to reinforce all critical areas with Red Greens favorite medium, once its all built to spec.




Should be getting the trailer done next week, more to come.....

Thanks for looking!

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Nice,pipe probably won't with stand a major blow but if carefull should do the job. 6in. hose cost me $150 for 10ft. You'll need a short section between blower and cart. Again just my $.02

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I grabbed some 1/4" OSB the other day, finally got a little free time today.











They had a blast spending the day outside today, learning how to measure and cut and saw.... and it turned out great. The leaves are a little wet, but it was handy to have them drive while I worked out all the bugs, and cleared the clogs. Took about 45 minutes and a half a roll of duct tape, but we got it working pretty smooth. I mow the neighbors ditch for her so she said I could borrow her trailer whenever.

The icing on the cake?


I think that's kind of ironic....

At any rate, she filled up pretty good!


I could tell it was getting pretty heavy, the steer wheels would slide, we started spinning in the corners, and the 16 was really barking when I had the deck and blower going and opened it up across the lawn..... used a bit of gas as well. The nice thing is, I unhook from the tractor, hook it to the truck, and haul it to the heap.

This was more or less a test run, now that I know it all works good next year I can make something a little sturdier, always making improvements....

Thanks for looking!

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