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My loader is back! Again...


I had a great trade transaction 2 years ago with Mr Wells, resulting in relinquishing my 990412 loader. I had used it for a couple years on my 3212H, making nothing but great memories. But, the need to upgrade came along and I had missed the little loader since. Most are yellow, and I longed for my orange one...this time, for my 64 Landlord. It's a unique combo to see.




When the chance came around to get this loader back, I could not say no. It was not without it's challenges. The pump base had cracked, and so I found a nos Cessna pump to cannibalize a housing base from. Perfect.




Next, I needed to fab a front axle pivot bushing. Best I could come up with...



Then, since I needed this on a 3 speed tractor, Michael offered an L-10 subframe. Only some geometric differences in design, but I did have to drill new mounting holes.



p><p>I also needed to build a standoff pulley, to align my PTO with the loader pump and idler.  The 16 Briggs in this 64 LL has a stubby shaft, and I needed to gain about 2" vs the pulley on it

http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff512/talntedmrgreen/20151107_224307.jpg' alt='20151107_224307.jpg'>


Viola! I'm pretty pleased, and this will find it's spot in the tractor shed as loader #4.




Legacy XL with KwikWay


Johnson Workhorse CT10, for Joacobsen/Ford/Minneapolis Moline


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The tires are 23x10.5-12...like those on a Sovereign. I'm not particularly fond of the 'balloon' tire look on these tractors, and this is as big as I could stand to go. The machine came this way from the original owner, and so I've kept it as he had it. I have the paperwork somewhere, with receipts from the dealer install for the tires as well as a 16hp repower in '73. When I picked it up, it was in storage, in his basement 8DThe dealer also installed a 3300 series steering wheel, which I just couldn't live with


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Lloyd that grader blade was made by an old member of this site. He found a shop that would take a large grader blade and cut it down. Long time members of this site sometimes refer to the blade as a Dutch blade since Dutch is the one who created the blade. He would offer them up to club members. Dutch has since passed so your only option is to find a member willing to sell you theirs. I have one and it works great.


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Im not sure what Im going to do...the Simplicity MUST stay. The workhorse seems too nice to let go of though. Just came in from mounting and testing it. Super slick rig...



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Oh man...it's too nice of an original piece for me to think of altering it. In the past year or two I've gone away from wanting to refinish things, but instead have enjoyed finding machines in nice original skin and doing the mechanical work needed to bring them back to full service.

It seems I find one nice original tractor or implement, for every 10 average ones, making the hunt a bit more fun again.

A little history on the Johnson package...it was a 1 owner unit, bought new in '67 in Grand Rapids, MI. The loader was bought in '69 when the Jake was 2 years old. The tractor is a Super Chief 1200 (12hp Hydro) and the loader is a model CT-10, more common among Cub and Deere machines of that time from what I can tell. It's a bit more stout that the Model 10 Workhorse loader seen on earlier tractors like the round fender Deere's. The bucket is the optional brush fork bucket, with optional bucket extension. The family had never seen the loader...much less heard of it being used. It was in the barn loft, and appears to have been used a time or two, then stored.

The owner passed away recently, so the family was dumping a barn full of items, and pulling things like the garden tractors aside to sell for the estate. I was told a rolloff dumpster was filled with random lawn and garden pieces, and "a mountain' of nos Kohler parts in boxes. The deceased had opened a L&G repair in Howard City sometime in the late 60's after the passing of his wife.

With the tractor and loader, I received 2 large folders of paperwork. Everything from the original purchase receipts, to color brochures for each piece...receipts from repair parts for the Jake as recently as 2008. Every seal, tire tube etc has a note and receipt. The manuals have notes inscribed on the photocopies that the owner made...the original prints are flawless.

There are even typed letters from the 60's and 70's between the owner and implement manufacturers, regarding product lines he was interested in. There are several documents from Brinly as well. I see receipts for at least a plow, disc, hitch, toolbar, & cultivator, but those attachments were discarded. wah

The tractor never mowed, but was a dedicated snow blower tractor. There is light rust coloring in the white hood paint and rust on the footrests indicative of a snow machine, but the rest of the tractor is simply dusty. Runs fantastic.

I also have a few brochures, manuals and receipts for Wheel Horse tractors, and a Deere 140H3. None of those machines remained up north. There is one more Jake up there, which was the mowing machine and from a photo, appeared to be an earlier gear drive model.

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