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Intro and my 725 and Early B10

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As I mentioned in another thread I have been more of a lurker but figured I should introduce myself.

My family has owned a Small Engine/Lawn and Garden business since 1957, my great grandparents started it and my grandparents took over in 1981. They started selling Simplicity not long after they started so needless to say I have grown up around a lot of Simplicitys. All through high school I worked there during summers doing repair and then during college I worked part time year round to help pay my way through school. After college 3.5 years ago I got a job as a Manufacturing Engineer, and lost interest in taking over the business. However I still enjoy Simplicity tractors and accessories and enjoy working on small engines.

I currently own two tractors and not many more would be able to fit in my small garage, however most of my family has Simplicitys so there are quite a few around that I regularly use.

This 725 was repainted before I got it and also came with a Briggs Model 14 mounted but came with the original Model 19. It also didn't come with a bolt together deck. After rebuilding the original engine I started mowing my lawn with it and mounted a set of 6x12 ags on it (the pic is before the ags). Unfortunately it is buried in the corner of my garage right now so this is the only pic I have.


This Early B10 was actually the first tractor I ever drove back when I was probably 9 or 10 years old. Not long after that it quit running and my grandpa parked it and got a 728 for me to drive around his property. After years of seeing it just sitting around I finally decided to bring it back to life last fall. It had a few mouse nests and a little rust and the exhaust valve was stuck open with a mud dauber nest, but once I tore it down and cleaned things up it ended up running like a top. It smokes a little under load making me wish I would've put new rings in it but for now it works. Originally we had a tiller, snow blower, belly grader blade, and cultivator set for it. A few years ago a friend told us he found a sickle bar and wanted to know if we wanted it, I had always wanted to have a sickle bar just because they are so cool on a garden tractor. That was part of the reason I decided to get this one going again so I had a tractor to put the sickle bar on.



This post is getting long winded so I will leave off there and in the future when I have time will post pictures of other tractors the family has around

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Howdy Zach

Glad to have you join our group. Nice tractors. Glad to see your carrying on the family ties to vintage mowers. IMO you made the right choice in becoming an engineer. At least the small engine business helped boost you to where you are today. With today's throw away attitude it would be hard to really make a killing in the lawn and garden arena without going mega big and even then it's tough to compete with the overseas stuff.

Welcome to the club and feel free to share any memories of your day's in your grandfathers business as the days of the MA and Pa's are pretty much at there end.

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