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1920 deutz/Sovereign 18

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Looking for some help. I know in the end it always comes down to "what do you want". Here is the scenario. I have a Simplicity Sovereign 18 Hydro 1998 model. 48" deck, 42" snow blower, cab, weights, chains, and the lawn/leaf collection attachment. All of this is in good to very good condition.

I have the option to trade for a Deutz 1920 Ultima that has 48"deck, weights, chains, and 48" snowblader. Deutz has 680hrs. Sovereign has about 600hrs.

How does the Deutz compare to the Sovereign? I know that Simplicity?Deutz are basically the same units. Not that my Sovereign is the same as his 1920. But his 1920 is basically a Sunstrand Simplicity. I am looking for a durable dependable unit with p/s. Mine does not have p/s, his does. Aside from the cab and leaf collection attachment, we have the same trade. I know the leaf collection attachment is very valuable in some states. Not mine. What say the team?

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The Deutz 1920 is an entirely different class of tractor...much heavier duty than a Sovereign. Sounds like your setup is nothing to scoff at, but going to a 1920 with a blower vs a Sovereign with a blower is going to big change. You may not see the snow go farther, but you will feel a tremendous difference. I would not say you have an equal trade, if aside from the cab and leaf collector...he's got more tractor for sure, with more desired features. Tractor vs tractor, if condition is the same and each w/48" deck, the Deutz is going to be at least 50% higher value. Those machines are bullet proof, and his has extremely low hours for one.

The PS is great. You just can't replicate it's effect in a non-PS machine.

Just the extra weight and size of the machine will make the feel of it's greater utility highly noticeable.

The addition of a differential lock will set the two machines far apart...if you have never used a diff lock, trying one will make you a lifetime believer. The feel is similar to drive a 2x4 truck in the snow, then hopping in a 4x4 truck on the same icy road.

Cab's aren't tough to find if you need one later for the Deutz, or maybe hang onto your current cab and amend the deal? It can be adapted, and afterall, it's a Deutz cab! It was nos, correct?

The vac system would be a big deal to me, personally. I won't be without a turbo now. Again, if the other trader doesn't want/need it, keep it and use it on the Deutz 48. (I think I have a hitch that fits the Sunstar tractors for a wide body cart). Otherwise, I'd value a 48" turbo setup w/nice WB cart at around $400.

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