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K341 leaking oil from governor shaft


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I just swapped in an engine from an Allis 914 to my 416H. She runs well enough but appears to be leaking oil out of the hole for the governor.

The engine is a Kohler 16hp. I believe it is a K341 like the one I replaced as they are nearly identical except that the replacement has a smaller output shaft.

Anyone have experience with leaks like this?

I pulled off the breather cover and cleaned everything out. It was not that bad but the oil leak persists.

Is this common around the governor shaft or do I likely have worn rings and the pressure leaking through is pushing the oil out?

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You may have a stuck piston ring also causing pressure issues and oil blow by. I would have 1st checked the breather like you did.

It's possible you have a worn shaft bushing but am not sure that a replacement is still available. You may need to go to the Kohler site to see what parts are available for your gov assembly.

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It's a common issue. The shafts are what usually seem to wear the most. The bad thing is there is a lot of disassembly involved to replace it. That's not saying you don't also possibly have a blow by problem.

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I will pull the vent off again and make sure everything is in correctly.

I have the dead engine I can try the bushing nut from if needed. The parts do seem to be available, I just dont have time to pull it all apart again. Just injured my right hand and am limited at the moment.

Are there any tricks to getting these engines spinning fast enough to get a compression test on them?

I hear they have to get up to 600 rpm or so before it bypasses the valve dumping the compression.

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I had a Briggs where the breather was plugged and caused pressure in the case because the rings are a bit worn. It started leaking around the governor shaft due to the pressure.

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