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Sunstar 47" P/N # 1692243

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Hello forum,

I recently started using my 'new to me' 47" Sunstar snowthrower because my Jeep Comanche succumbed to the cancer and died on a Tuesday. (Forrest Gump)

The blower auger is 'loose' on the shaft but still turns and blows light snow. In the heavy stuff the auger stops turning and the thrower still turns.

Looking at the parts manual, I think the woodruff key located in the auger gearbox that connects the gear to the shaft is missing and could cause this problem.

After looking for an easy way to remove the auger, it looks like I have to remove the speed reduction gearbox to get the auger out.

There must be an easier way.

Has anyone had any experience removing the auger gearbox? Or the auger themselves?

Anyone have a similar problem with their snowthrower?



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It may be the shear bolts on the augers.

My 2stage blower #1691360 had shear bolts on the augers to protect it if you hit any debris.

I would check that first.

May be #4 on page 182


Give it a try, may end up cheaper than tearing gearbox apart.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply AC Toy. My sheer bolts are in place.

I just cant believe there is not an easier wat to get inside the auger gearbox to other than removing the complete assembly from the front by having to disassemble / remove the speed reduction gearbox to free the connected impeller driveshaft.

Lucky for me, I do have a plow for my sunstar to use in the meantime.

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I had the same problem with my blower a couple of years ago. I had just modified the impeller speed and have a 25 HP engine and was pushing the limits of it to see just what kind of improvement I made. Yes, you need to pretty much tear it all down and inside the gearbox was a sheared pin. I installed a new pin and used it only a few times and it broke again. I no longer remember the details but I think I used one size larger pin to prevent it from happening again and because mine was an early design and the factory later changed that part along with the increased impeller speed changes I had made.


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