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Using a Starter Generator on a new engine

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I have been working on an old B-207 for the last few months. It had at some point been repowered with a newer 8hp probably from a Snapper. Sometime in the late 1970's to early 1980's Briggs changed the design of the cylinder heads on the 7-8hp family of vertical shaft engines. The Height of the head was increased and the cooling tinwork covering the head was now about 1/4" further away from the blower cover. In many applications this would not matter. On our old B-207s and Broadmoors equipped with a Delco Starter-Generator, the slide bracket interferes with the newer head. Someone had already cobbled the bracket so I felt it was OK to modify it. I ground some off so it would better clear the head.


I thought I had enough removed but found it still was not enough for the bracket to be able to drop down enough to line up with the starter. I could not remove much more material or the bracket would lose its strength. I started experimenting with spacers to space out the bracket and the hood support bracket.Eventually I put enough spacers and washers in place that it would fit in place and the grille could still be attached whithout being in a serious bind. If you did this without notching the slide bracket I don't think the grill could go back far enough to fit properly.




Here is a spacer installed:



I used a 5/16 nut as a spacer on the left side of the tractor where a larger one was required. The right side required a smaller spacer (3/16") so I had located a used steering joint spacer that was approximately the correct size.



I'm sorry the lighting was not right for the picture. As you can see there is not much room to work with on these little tractors. The grille must be removed to access the spark plug.











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Chris, I see you've used the older air cleaner, did you also use old carb. I'm trying to decide which way to go would be better to keep it original. Also have older engine in parts tractor, either way will have to change as B208S will need done when I get time

motor3 003.JPG


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My tractor had the 8hp in it when I bought it. As far as I know there is no charging coil under the flywheel so I have been using the starter generator (which I overhauled). As for the carb, this engine is probably from the late 70's to early 80's and it appears to have its original flo-jet which looks similar to the original carb.

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