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center arbor on 48"deck

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Hi to everyone. I Decided to go through my 48" deck (1690021-10999). I removed the arbors. The left and rt went fine but the center one just will not cooperate.I can't split the housing apart to access the bearings.




Am I missing something like a keeper or key -set screw?Or are we just talking rust here. Appreciate any ideasThanks




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The best penetrating fluid you can use is a home mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Do a web search on it for specifics but it has proven to be quite a bit better than off the shelf spray.

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Ok so let me get this right. I was thinking that I had to separate the 2 tin pieces then take the bearings off. How do you not damage the tin when pressing out the shaft through the bearings?

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I believe you're correct, a press won't help getting the housing halves apart. Usually the bearing/shaft comes out of the housing relatively easily and a press is used to get the bearing off the shaft.

Back to your problem. Based on the your pics, it looks like the 2 arbor housing halves will rotate. I'd put the 6 bolts into the threaded holes in the upper housing and have them push on the solid part of the bottom housing. I'd slowly tighten the bolts evenly while heating/hitting the top housing bearing area. Obviously you don't want to apply too much pressure and distort the housing(s). I would think some cycles of penetrating fluid, heating/cooling, and pressure will convince the top housing to come off.

Let us know how you make out.

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PhanDad your advice worked perfectly. Been trying to get this on site but was having trouble with photo imaging. Put the bolts in and tightened it up-a little lube- a little heat and a few hits with the old hammer and it popped off. The bearings came off without to much trouble. cleaned up good.

photo fix.jpg

photo fix1.jpg

Took the outer mandrels apart easily. Except for either to many parts or not enough parts. one had three washers under the bearing and one had 1 washer plus on had a washer where the bearing sets on the stop tabs.

photo fix3.jpg

photo fix4.jpg

photo fix5.jpg

So that is the story so far. Going to need new blades too. Did not see any of this in my parts blow up for this deck.1690021-10999. Any input on this is appreciated.






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Glad to hear you got the arbor housing halves apart.Based on the photo of all your deck parts, I believe the center arbor was replaced with Arbor Replacement kit #1685083:




The outer arbors are the old style dating back to FDT tractors:



And in your last pic, I think the tight fitting ring laying on the arbor tube opening is the bearing support ring. In my experience there are 2 types of "old style" arbor housings. I wrote a post about them:http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=33982Note the A/C built Homelite arbor shafts have a round blade mounting surface vs the Simplicity rectangular surface. The arbor tubes are the same.






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I don't see any grease fitting on the lower arbor housing. If not, that would explain why they were rusted and so hard to get apart. If they do not have grease fittings, drill and install them, use RTV to seal the flanges and fill with grease after install until the grease pushes thru the bearing seal.

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How critical is the washer that sets on the 3 ledges? Could a flat washer of same thickness and dia. work.

I rebuilt my original 48" deck from my 1st A/C and all 3 arbors had the 3 ledges and no washers. I didn't think about it, just put it back together. That's been 3-4 years and it seems fine yet.

Thanks again for all the help

P/S Should I have started a new topic? I noticed it did not come in on the regular posting.

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