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3200 series Briggs engine

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Totally stumped on this one. Tilled, plowed, blow snow for last 4 yrs with 716. This Fall, changed oil, mntd blower, cab, changed oil,new battery, ran perfectly, put in shelter ready for snow. 2 months ago, started him and barely made it to garage. Coughing, missing, black smoke. Since then, I've put in new points, push rod & bushing, checked timing on flywheel, swapped carb off good running tractor, checked compression, pulled intake and checked gaskets, pulled head, valves & everything working as it should. Hot steady spark jumps twice required gap. This is a starter/generator set-up. Only wire connected is coil to points. Jump starter and it will run fine a short time. Choke/no choke, runs a short time and then won't start again. Anyone got an idea? Absolutely no reason it should not run, but it just won't.

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