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Tractor of the Month - April 2016

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Tractor of the Month Contest

April 2016id="size5">

This months contest will be :

"Most Interesting Deal"id="green"> id="size6">

Show us your most interesting Simplicity/AC/ and related deal you have obtained in your tractor hobby pursuits. Give us a complete story as to what it was and how it came about. Picture required.

Contest limited to the first 8 entries.


Voters will choose the best overall entry and its presentation id="navy">

Open to:id="size3">

All Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Lawn & Garden Tractors as well as all other names made by Simplicity and/or Allis Chalmers id="orange">id="size5">

Please Note:

All pictures submitted to Tractor of the Month contests should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation

Also: If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page


Tractor of the month contest guidelinesid="size3">

1. For club members and registered users. This also includes all officers, moderators, and administrators.

2. The selection committee will determine each monthly contests criteria. Equipment that does not meet theme criteria will be disqualified by the committee and removed from the submission topic.

3. The tractors submitted can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuild - or as specified by the committee.

4. This contest is open for owners to enter their own tractors, or by having someone else nominate them - upon which owner must accept and post entry.

5. The contest is limited to the first 8 entries submitted. This due to the poll system only being able to accommodate 8 entries. Following the 8th entry, the contest topic will be closed to further entries. Votes will be taken in the normal time frame as stated below.

6. Post your entry as a reply to this topic. Narrative and pictures are required - This to tell its story, and to convince voters why it is deserving of being the next Club's tractor of the month.

7. You can enter a tractor/equipment multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once that tractor has won, you cannot submit that tractor again for a year on any subject.

8. Each contest will have a entry submission period beginning the 15th day of each month and lasting to the 15th day of the following month. Once the submission period is over, the current nomination topic will be locked and the next opened.

9.Following each months submission period, a poll topic will then be opened and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in the nomination topic. All members and registered users are eligible to vote. Vote will last for a period of two weeks , from the 15th day of month to the last day of each month. The new winner will be declared on the 1st of each month.

10. Wining tractors each month will be posted on the club home page for a period of one month, 1st day of the month to the last day of the month, and a Contest winners hat will be sent to the winner.

11. Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

12. All pictures submitted should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation. If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page

13. Final vote results will be posted to Poll topic at the time the Poll topic is closed. These posted results are the official, and FINAL results that will determine the winner each month regardless of any further votes cast After the polls have been closed. This is stated because while replies cannot be made after a poll topic is closed, apparently votes can continue to be cast. Its a technical issue that we have to work around at the present time.

14. In the event of a tie, the following procedure will be in effect. The tied winners will share having their pictures posted on the Club home page, each having an equal amount of the months time in the spotlight. There will only be one hat awarded though, and so there will be a run-off vote between the tied members for the hat. This vote will last 2 weeks. The winner of this second run-off vote will receive the winners hat.

If a tied winner has already won a contest and a hat, the hat for the tied contest will automatically be given to other tied winner who has not won one yet.

id="left"> id="size1">

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Update 2/29/16I'll enter my new Serf 515. Saw ad on craigslist, but had no pictures. Called the guy the next day & went off his description. "serf mini riding mower. rare late 1960's never seen another one. all tin great shape. no rot. little surface rust. had it running last year. deck great shape. needs little tlc to run, first 100.00 firm calls only"Also said the points need work. I bought it as a non runner.Asked my kids if they wanted to go for a ride in the truck for a tractor I found. My daughter's first response was " Your getting another tractor? " sarcastically. They must think I have a problem. Oh well. So we headed off for it. So I took a chance & drove an hour for it. Halfway there he sent a pic to my phone. It looked better than I thought, because I didn't know what I was in for.According to the engine # it's a 1968, the first year of the Serf's. It has a 5 HP engine, 28" deck. Felt like it had good compression when I pulled the engine over. Transmission went into gear ok without running the engine. It's just a two speed with reverse, no hi/lo. Steering was tight. Throttle cable was free. Looks complete & mostly origonal. It's a cute little thing & only 26" wide without the mower deck. I may use it to haul firewood in my basement in the winter. It's so narrow it will fit right through the doorway. Just have to make a narrow wagon for it. Of course I have to try mowing with it also. Some day I may tear it apart & repaint it. I paid $100 for it.UPDATE: 2/29/16Would not start. Occasionally it would fire then stall. Tested for spark & had spark. Thought it was getting fuel, but not sure so I sprayed some gumcutter down the carb. It still wouldn't fire at all. I suspected a stuck valve. Pulled spark plug. The valves seemed to move ok when pull engine over. Valves seemed to spin when move with screwdriver, but seemed a little sluggish. With the valves open I sprayed some rust penetrant towards the stem best I could. The rust penetrant I use from the Dodge dealership also has graphite in it. It's the best penetrant I have ever used in my expieriences. Put spark plug back in. It fired up & ran, but smoked a lot until the penetrant burned off. Ran it on high throttle for about 10 minutes and then drove it around! Ran good! All the gears worked. The mower deck even engaged ok. Success! Needs a few adjustments like carb, clutch & drive belt, ect. It's a great feeling when you hear a "new to you" tractor come to life for the first time. :D 8D dOd:J:) Hope you enjoyed my story.Thanks,Tim









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I'm going to throw this one out there.The Landlord that won't go away.

Landlord keeper 1.jpg

Now the story;I bought this from Jim Dicks estate with the intent of flipping it.

landlord keeper 4.jpg

Advertised it for quite a while and didn't sell, so I pulled the cab off and sold it separate. The man was happy with a wheel horse cab he could modify to fit his Ariens. Then re advertised it at a lower price.

landlord keeper 5.jpg

Still didn't sell. So I decided to use it during a big snow storm. First pass down the driveway broke the axle tube. So, while I had it apart, I pulled the hydro lift out too and sold that.In the mean time, someone offered to buy the tri rib tires off the front. So here it is, swapped out the tires and put a manual lift back on it, and changed the transmission.

landlord keeper 3.jpg

Back up for sale, someone asked if I would sell the blower separate.So back in it came, and I used it to set up another blower.

Landlord keeper 2.jpg

Someone else asked to buy that blower and the tire chains. So back in.Then someone asked to buy my B10.She's a keeper, replacing my B10. Put my loaded ags on, added some rear weight and a plow and made her mine :D:D:D And yes, I did get my original asking price and some profit after all that. ;);)

Landlord keeper 1.jpg

Jim Hannah, I'm keeping your tractor :OCome spring, she will get the Hi-lo and be my tilling tractor. I personally don't care for the hydro lift with a tiller anyway.:o):o)







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I'll go ahead and enter my 3112H. It's was mid June and its was back in the days when I only had 3 tractors TOTAL &:). My mom came home from work and said "My co -worker has a Murray for you". So I thought sure, I'll take that hunk of junk maybe flip it and make a few bucks since it was free to me. Well, sure enough, the Murray arrived and was in worse shape than I though. It had been re powered with a 17.5 HP opposed twin Briggs. It was spraying gas out the top of the carb and was only firing on 1 cylinder. This has gone to far... I've already got $20 in and it's still a hunk of junk. Load er up in the trusty Ranger and haul it away to the GT junkyard. We asked the guy how much and he said $80 bucks. I said would you trade for that 3112 over there? Well, by this time, my dad has a disgusted look on his face and is saying just take the $80. He said, "it's half burried in the dirt and has no tires. Who knows about the mechanical condition". I said "yeah???" After that, he made me call my mom and ask her if that was okay. And she said "Sure, as long as the Murray stays over there for good". Deal!!

The engine had no compression due to the exhaust valve being stuck. The tranmission gear case was full of water so cleaned it out throughly. Thankfully, the rust wasnt bad. The hydro leaked from the pintle shaft but I quick fixed that. Lol. Paint was shot so I re painted her (as seen in the thread) and I had an extra set of tires so that worked out perfectly. It's a fine machine but never wanted to start up good. My cousin(1978Simplicity7016H) was over and said "Have you changed the plug?". Well, sure enough, now it runs like a dream. Thanks for reading my long story. Hehe


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5 years ago I was outside doing some yard work and popped into the house to get a drink of water. On a whim I fired up the computer and did a quick look on C-list for "simplicity".

Up popped a new add that said "Simplicity Hydrawlik Loader". I immediately clicked on the link and no picture just a statement. "Simplicity Hydrawlik Loader $50".

I searched for an email but nothing only a phone number. I immediately called and got a voicemail. After an hour wait that seemed like an eternity the gentleman called me back. He agreed to send me some pictures. After we got off the phone he sent me two dark hard to see pictures of what appeared to be a Simplicity 515 loader leaning up against a wall in a pole shed. I could see to lift levers and new immediately it was a 515 loader.

I them immediately called him back and said "I'll take it!" I asked him if he was sure he only wanted $50 and reassured me he did and that it had been leaning there for 10 years and he wanted it gone. I asked him where the rest of it was and he said he sold the tractor 10 years ago and that all the other loader parts went with the tractor.

So I rounded up my buddy Jay (YellowB10) and my youngest daughter and we went for a road trip as it was only 30 minutes away. We get to the guys shop and he is nowhere to be found. I call and call and call and no answer. Finally after an hour wait I went to his house and his wife answered the door and told me he was gone and didn't know when he would be back. :D I explained the situation and she said that she would take the payment and we could remove the loader from the shop. :D

Jay and I quickly loaded up the loader and headed home. Within 2 weeks with the help of club members I had a homemade subframe, wheel spacers and had a front bushing made and I was in business. All told with the $50 loader and $300 in parts I think I did pretty good.






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