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It would with some fabrication. The tabs below the front axle on that Broadmoor are closer together than a Landlord. Since it has a black dash I would say it is a 1964 Broadmoor.

Depending on what you are planning to plow, I would put the plow on a large frame. They are heavier and go better in snow, but if you don't need to plow a large area get a set of tire chains and probably put weight on the back and the Broadmoor would do it.

It does look like that Broadmoor would clean up with a little love. sm01

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That looks like a 64 broadmoor...Probably 990288 or 990303 part number. The Blade from a Landlord will NOT fit...the actual blade is the same, but the hitch is wider on the large from tractor

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You need the hitch for a Broadmoor, see it here:


They are somewhat hard to find, especially separate from the blade.

However, it would not be too difficult to fabricate.

I have JD part that attached the same blade. It is not a complete

substitute, but could be a great starting point for fabrication

because the "snout" where the blade pins on is all correct for your blade.

I would sell this piece for $15 if you are interested!

I am having trouble uploading the photo but can email it on request.

Tom in Milwaukee

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990303 is the model listed with electric start although the parts catalog for 990288 shows the starter generator in the diagrams as well. Likely this is because no matter which model you bought you could buy the upgrades as well.

Definitely a 64 Broadmoor as you can tell by the black dash which was only done in 64 and the hole in the side of the hood is where the pull start cord would go if you had the non-electric start model.

Since you can see the starter generator in the picture it has electric start.

This model is 6HP assuming it is the original engine. I would be hesitant to do any serious snow plowing with it but it could handle light plowing. My 10HP Landlord's plow very nicely but I cant imagine the smaller aluminum block engine holding up well to that kind of work.

As stated above the mounting frame is different between the small and large frame tractors but if you can weld it would not be too difficult to make one. I have a snow blower for my Broadmoor and can give you better pictures of the frame with dimensions if you need. Ultimately there would be minor modifications between the snow blower frame and plow frame but since you have the plow frame it will be easy to see what needs to be done.

Look here for pics of the tractor and attachments.


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well was hoping to put the blade on my 3314 zippo said NO!


looks like this is the hitch i need and not the one that came with


KIMG0194 (1).jpg


and dose it really matter which way the bolts go on the wheel weights

KIMG0197 (1).jpg










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a guy was asking about a tiller i have for sale and he saw the blade in the background and said he had 2 simplicity tractors and not sure what kind 1 small and a big one big one powermax



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The 3314 running board tractor (RBT) is longer out front

than the older FDT (foot dragging tractors).

Thus, the upright lift bar on an older hitch will hit the

front of the tractor. The simple solution is to cut and re-weld

that lift bar further forward on the mount, so that the blade can

be lifted up without the lift bar hitting the tractor.

Wheel weights can be bolted either way, no difference.


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Yes, that is the way to do it.

After you cut off the upright, put the mount

on the tractor to help you determine the proper place and angle

to re-weld it so that you can have the full up-and-down range of movement.


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