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Vent Question on BGB

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One member mentioned there is a vent on the BGB on this 1973 3416 H Sovereign. it has the fill plug on the st El, and no sign of vent.

So, is there a vent to be found?

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I'm the one that mentioned the vent. Since then, I did see that on some models it is forward, under the tractor frame so it can't be used for filling. I don't have a 3400 series to look at, but I'm guessing that is your issue.I'm guessing your tractor looks similar to this, the vent is hidden.On this tractor 3300 series, it is located just about under the sticker.

3300 bgb.jpg

I'm used to the earlier tractors, where the vent is exposed. This is what your looking for, the vent is a red square plastic plug.

b10 bgb.jpg

Later, they integrated the vent with a dipstick and moved it to the rear.

7114 bgb.jpg

If you can't get to the vent, you will have to fill through the street elle.




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