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Ford 8N loader adaptable?

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Has anyone tried to adapt a loader from on old ford tractor

to a Simplicity/AC landlord-size tractor? I suspect it will be

just too big, maybe could work on a Powermax or Sunstar.

I keep seeing these things for sale, quite cheap at $300!


Thanks - Tom

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You could do it, it would just require a lot of cutting and welding.

The frames for those Ford 8/9N loaders are huge and way more than you would need for a Landlord.

You would probably even want to narrow the bucket as it would be larger than you could manage with a Landlord.

The hydraulic pump and controls are the big money items followed by the cylinders. As long as the length of the cylinders is not so long they cannot be made to safely work on a smaller tractor it could be a good project.

I wish I could find those that cheap around here, I would use them to build my own backhoe.

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Like I said Tom, it depends on your skills and how much work you want to put into it.

You cut the frame parts to build a frame appropriate to your tractor size, you cut the bucket size down to one more appropriate for your tractor.

I do not see any reason you would need a larger oil reservoir since you are going to a smaller tractor. Seems the reservoir would be adequate for the cylinders and you would not even have to reduce the reservoir size.

The long cylinders can be used with some creative fabrication for their mount points or I am sure they can be modified to shorten them though it would be more worthwhile to buy an appropriate size than go that route.

Most of the cost is in the hydraulic pump, controls and the steel so starting with a system larger than you need gives you a lot to work with as you reshape and reduce it.

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Seems to me if your going to do all that work why not start with new steel and build one your know would work. I see to much cutting and fabricating to suit my fancy. Just my $.02

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Probably be cheaper to buy one made for your tractor. Many of the old Fords and other brands were Wagner loaders. External hydraulic pump running off a front PTO shaft, and the loader frame was the hydraulic reservoir.

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