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Well, Darn! More 1920 problems

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Hauling wood tonight, I left the Deutz idling while unloading. Just as I got done, it hiccupped and died. Went to start it, neutral light very dim, starter spun but did not engage. Then heard a click, then nothing. A few seconds later, another click, light came on.

The circuit breaker near the solenoid was clicking. I was smelling hot electrical, seemed to be coming out of the engine. Voltage regulator was cool to the touch; wasn't that.

Moved the wiring around, light came on brighter, finally got it started, drove it to the shed.

On the way over the voltage meter was showing from 12 volts to pegged out at the bottom, almost like negative voltage!

Will park it for now and investigate later when I have more time. Just to be on the safe side, disconnected the battery.

The other day it was dying when I took it out of "park", seat switch had been bypassed. Wiggled the taped up wires, then it kept running.

Electrical problems are my forte, so not really too worried. A wiring diagram would be helpful.

But if anyone has any ideas about the hot electrical smell from the engine, let me know. HOPEFULLY it is not the alternator stator!

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