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differential work

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I bought my first rbt 1.5 yrs ago knowing it had issues. Decided to attempt to resolve posi-trac and leaking R axle seal issues. Searched and read ST threads and tore into it looking for the washers and/or reversed gear and who knows since red RTU was evidence I wasn't the first. No washers. But every pinion gear was well grooved, seven correct 162085 differential springs + one hardware store quality spring (pictured on right) found inside.


Called both Simplicity dealers in my area. 162085 and successor numbers not in stock and NLA. Traveled to Northwest MO for work Monday so took the opportunity to stop by two more dealers. The second stop had two 162085 springs. I bought both!


Replaced worn pinion gears with better ones from a fdt. Going back together this weekend. Next up I will attempt to figure out what's causing shorts in the (triad to command) wiring. I can see a wire nut used on the engine wire harness.



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