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Don't know why....

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I have been guilty of irrational behavior lately. I don't know why, other than I used to collect these long before the AC/Simplicity bug hit me, but I got my start in these Snapper self-propelled units as a lad. This one showed up at a local consignment and looked as if it was only used two or three times. Its an early 80's 5hp commercial model. The tires still had the nubs on the tread. For some reason I thought I had to have it.



Push mowers don't sell well out here in the country and another well-used Snapper self-propelled went for $12.50 earlier in the sale. I thought that was pretty promising. They got a bid of $100 to start on this one. I had been standing there too many hours not to bring it home so $125 was spent and the thing followed me home. I will probably never run it. The original spark plug is still in it and the grass catcher was never used and is still in the plastic sleeve. I should mention there are 6 more Snapper mowers and 2 AC push mowers here be only one ever gets used. Just plain irrational, OCD behavior:OSo a coworker coerced me into a "deal" to buy three Montgomery Wards tractors sight unseen for $150. I knew at least two had CI Briggs engines and one had CI wheel weights so reluctantly I agreed. Turned out two of them were Gilson-Built tractors equipped with Vickers hydro's with hydraulic lift. The third was just a '70s 8hp Murray with no deck and the trans removed. One runs great after cleaning the carb but the Vickers leaks, they broke the dash when loading the tractor, and the exhaust seems too hot as if the timing is advanced due to possibly a sheared key. The other has a snapped rod but has a dry hydro and is better looking overall. These are fascinating machines and I like the blue color scheme. If I had time two could be combined into one nice unit, but, no time....at least not now.



So a few weeks ago Dad was asking about a Broadmoor or B-207 to use to mow Grandma's yard. I had several but the one that ran well was sold and heading to PA, the others all needed lots of work. So the local auction had a 738 on the sale bill that "ran well." I did see it run and it looked to run OK. I bought it for $145. I knew that was plenty but it had a new battery too. Upon getting it home, it would run as if it was starving for fuel. Time to check out the carb. So it had no welch plug in the carb and was covered with tape. Turns out the carb was warped so badly that a welch plug would no longer fit. So now I'm putting together a carb from scavenged parts carbs. The deck which looked OK had a seized idler pulley and idler arm. Bad bearings in two spindles. Pulled it apart and now have wire wheeled the rusty part, blasted the spindle pulleys and housings and will paint and reassemble. So much for a ready to use unit. I also think the PTO oil seal is leaking. On the upside the charging system seems to be working well.





A lot of work done but still not finished. I now have the whole set here, the 727, 728, and 738 if anyone needs to know the differences. Now, the rational thing to do, would have been not to buy all these "deals" and use my time finishing other projects like the 917H, Landlord DLX power steering install, and getting yardwork done...... There, that is my confession of a Hoarder... ;) and advice not to let the hobby get out of control.








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I see absolutely no hoarding activity on your part....you just can't pass on a great deal when you see it!;)

Thanks for sharing your troubles with us!:D

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quote:Originally posted by isetta

Do what the Doctor ordered: Take two quarts of 30 weight and call me in the morning :D

id="quote">Love it; this is what we all need. Wonder if it would stop our addiction "dead" in our tracks?

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