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Tiller issues

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So I decided to mount a tiller on my 2210.First I changed out the tines for a used set I had.Someone definitely got their monies worth out of this set.


Once I mounted the tiller, it wouldn't lift off the ground.So I pulled the side cover and adjusted the yoke on the rear lift rod as short as I could get it. Put it all back together and the tiller still wouldn't raise off the ground.My brother happened to stop in while I was working on it. He was here to pick up a spindle for his mower deck, but took a look at what I was fighting with and he say's"Why don't you just raise the hitch up, it looks like it is slotted or has another set of holes?"I'm like, The rear hitch is not adjustable.... Apparently some PO thought it needed to be. Raised the hitch and walah.Never seen anyone drill another set of holes to lower the rear hitch before...

lowered lift.jpg

Don't think it did too bad for sod.....

scott before.jpg

scott after.jpg





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