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tiller drive

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It has always amazed me how these can be so difficult to find. There must be a lot of them hanging on nails in sheds across the country or a dump somewhere full of them.

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Is this what you're looking for? I can't recall whose diagram it is (BLT or Maynard maybe?), and can't find the thread where it was originally posted, but maybe someone will come along and point it out.

Tiller parts diagram.jpg

I have made all of these parts using this diagram; the measurements are accurate and they're all easy to make.


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Now that I fully understand your question, you need the 1690179 drive clutch kit. Some of the necessary parts maybe what huffy detailed above.

The install instructions: http://bsintek.basco.com/BriggsDocumentDisplay/jgEBGP_dzN0tG5Exj7mRgtLvBCd6.pdf

The parts list (in the parts manual for the Model 7000 attachments and accessories):


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With the B series it needs to look like this:



There is an instruction manual for the 32" up on the SimpleTractors site.Think the 36 B series hooks up the same way.The needed pulley set-up is more difficult to fabricate , than the later series due to the double pulleys.And the hand drawing above is correct for the early style PTO set-up, near the BGB drive pulley

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Greg, I agree that the tiller setup you show is the original setup for a FDT. And I guess I don't "fully understand the question". Need to know the model of tiller to be sure. But I thought all 36" tillers used the standard "direct drive" idlers and long belt. (The idlers RayS makes)I believe the 1690179 clutch kit allows the newer style unclutched tillers (such as the 1690039 tiller) to be used on a FDT tractor with the "standard" mid idler pulleys. (The newer style tillers that don't require the two size intermediate pulley setup that is shown in your pic.)The intro of the kit manual states:


You would need the longer wheel based tractors (B-112) for the stock long tiller drive belt to work. You'd need about a 8" shorter belt for the short wheel base tractors (B-110).I'm not sure if you can use the "hanging PTO" BGB pulley or need to install the one included in the kit. I think the diameter is correct (or close enough), but the width of the groove might be too small for the wider tiller belt. The kit basically converts a #1690039 tiller without clutch into a #990694 with clutch.


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Could we get a picture of the tiller? Or the model number? If there is a clutch on the tiller, you need the part Ray makes.If the tiller has no clutch, you need the system above.If you can't get a picture, the tillers will look a good bit different.Greg has pictures above the system you need with no clutch on the tiller and you can see in his pic what the drive on the tiller looks like.The other tillers, with a clutch on the tiller will have a much larger drive pulley and a guard over it, as well as a square handle.

scott before.jpg

If the tiller is later than those, for the cone clutch tractors, I can't help with that, never had one.


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