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Vanguard 18 hp twin bearing replacement.

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Hi friends, Just bought used B&G vanguard 18hp twin for my pressure washer.It's Model #350447-1048-a1 with date code 95012711.It has lots(unknown) of hours and built in 1995.I have few questions:

1--I found there is little play in the crankshaft at the pulley end.Both ways,in-out and up-down.Can i just replace the bearing by opening the side crankcase plate?Any special tools required?

2--While turning crankshaft by hand,I hear like hissing sound from the valve cover which is connected to the fuel pump but couldn't feel any air leak.But there is some oil coating from that cylinder.Looks interesting how fuel pump works on this engine.Still tying to understand.

3--Oil pressure switch is not connected to anything.How can i make it functional to shut the engine down in case of low oil.

4--Engine only runs past half throttle and dies if i move the lever down.It's speed also fluctuates while running at no load and i can see governor moving the lever back and forth.Is it normal?

5--Any other area i should look for to do preventive maintenance.

Sorry for the long list of questions and going to download service manual so that i can do some work on it.Thanks

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