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Carburetor Question

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The "correct" one would be part no 293950 that Briggs still has for about $151.00.

The 23D carb is the "Medium Flo-Jet" with 3 screws holding on the top casting and they were used on a ton of Models from 8 to 16 hp for years so there are a lot around. There seems to be only slight differences in them and I believe most would work ok on the 23D ok.

You do have to watch out for warped top castings. Sometimes 2 gaskets will fix that.

Then you have the China ones all over ebay real cheap. I have heard the internals are not interchangeable and have no idea of their reliability.

They are not hard to rebuild, just remember the main jet nozzle comes out first and goes in last.

Briggs does make a removal kit if the nozzle is seized in the body.


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You can still find them at auctions. Bought 3 last year, one on a locked up motor, and 2 loose, for $15. All needed to be worked on a bit. Using one on a ZZ engine. Not quite the same, but makes it run

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