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I will not likely to ever internally rationalize, never mind convince my wife, that I need a PowerMax. My house sits on 8/100 of an acre (52'x68') and my rental property has about a quarter to a third of an acre of lawn. I get about 30 or 40 minutes of seat-time a week on the Broadmoor, and I'm certainly not looking for ways to shorten it.:D That being said, I am fascinated by the big-boy tractors. What is the difference between a 620, 720, 9020, 4040 & any other variations? Is there a "best"? Thanx, Dave

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Dave; my thoughts lean towards the late model 720. I like the style of the Allis body work over the Simplicity and the late ones had the heavier front axle.Having said that; I am still happy with the 620 you see in my avatar...Dave

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1st Gen- Allis 616 Simplicity 4040 16HP Onan Single Hydraulic Control

2nd Gen- Allis 620 Simplicity 4041 19.5HP Onan Dual Hydraulics

Early 3rd Gen- Allis 720 Simplicity 9020 19.5HP Onan Dual Hydraulics

All of these units had the same chassis and front axle. 1st Gen had a petcock at the rear of the gearbox to check oil level, all later models had a dipstick in the gearbox. The oil seals for the rear drive shafts were slightly different in 2nd gen and beyond. The charging system was different for the 16HP Onan vs the 19.5HP Onan.

Late 3rd Gen had beefed up front axle and steering arms.

Late 3rd Gen were probably the better of the lot, however I have had no front axle issues with my 4040 with FEL and power steering.

John U

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I love my 720 to bits. I don't mow with it. I built a johnny-bucket-like-thing for it with hydraulic lift and tilt and it gets used to move material around; or I load the bucket up with tools/drinks if I'm heading down the hill to do some chainsawing... I then drag logs up the hill with it. In the winter I use the snowblower and that gives me great pleasure too. No belts to mess around with. The 7016 is a pleasure to use when it's working but the 720 feels so much more civilized...

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+ 1 on Johns review. Look for a 720 or 9020 with dual hydraulics, a three point hitch and try to find one that still has rear pto clutch and shaft. Nice units that were well taken care of are out there. I mow with mine and even with a 60" deck the hydro makes it handle ins and out and a rounds like a surgeon : ). The front end loader has been a great tool for many things other than moving dirt.

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