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FDT PTO Shaft Side Play

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IMO, my B-110 hanging PTO shaft has too much side-to-side play as can be seen in these pics:



The attachment drive pulley (2 diameter one) almost rubs the PTO support when shaft is pushed that direction. I doubt that's correct. To the best of my knowledge (the B-110 was bought new, used by my neighbor, and returned to me when he moved), the PTO has never been touched. All the parts seem to be there compared to the parts diagram. But I'm thinking the washers have worn such as to be useless for spacing. They are still there, but worn down such as they now are the same size as the needle bearings and have pushed the needle bearings into the bracket. One washer also has a piece out of it as can be seen in this pic:


The part number (8061012) now crosses to 1729259 which is the washer with a key cutout in it. Anybody know what the original washer looks like? I would think it would think the OD would be the same size as the bracket diameter.But maybe they did use the washer with the key cutout and that would explain the piece missing from the washer in the pic.




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I would say the thrust washer(s) are destroyed. This mule PTO drive system Simplicity design was a total POS and PITA to maintain. To make it last, you almost have to grease it every time you doing a mowing. So, my guess is the PO was very negligent on this critical greasing of the mule drive.

Tom (PK)

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Tom, it may not have been greased as much as it should have been over the years, but the needle bearings are still in good shape and the shaft shows no signs of wear. And I can confirm the washers are the "key cutout" type as the second one was worn very thin and stuck against the input pulley.


I'm thinking this would be another application for the PMPS (poor man's power steering) thrust bearings. However, I don't think there's enough room to add the hardened thrust washers for the bearing to ride on therefore the bearing would ride on the outer tube and pulley faces. I'm thinking they'd self destruct pretty quickly so I'll just go stock. I'm sure it'll out last me.


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a guy gave me a 17gth-l . it has been out it weather for sevral years.

I got it running and it runs well. but the cone clutch is worn out. I can not get the cone clutch off.

anyone can tell me some hint of getting cone clutch off. I have several pullers but I can get cone clutch off

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