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Broadmoor Engine Swap

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We have a Simplicity Broadmoor 38" with a 14 ho Kohler CVI4S. The tractor number is 1692279. It is in great condition but has a bad Hydrogear transaxle. Recently we acquired a Simplicity Broadmoor with a 16 hp Briggs twin with what appears to be a good K-56 transaxle. Tractor number is 1692776. The rest of the second tractor is in very rough condition.

I plan to replace the transaxle in the first tractor with that in the second. The Briggs engine in the second tractor also looks very appealing and looks to be a good fit physically. Can I simply plug the Briggs lower wiring harness into the upper wiring harness that was used for the Kohler in the good tractor?

Thank you.

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It looks like it should work, but I was hoping someone here would know for sure before I proceed.

Simplicity 1692279 (good tractor)

1704377 Harness Assy, Lower (12.5, 15, 16 HP Briggs only)

*1705447 Harness Assy, Lower (14 HP Kohler only)

*1709955 Harness, Upper (Early style w/6-way PTO switch connector)

1713501 Harness, Upper (Later style w/8-way PTO switch connector)

Simplicity 1692776 (donor tractor)

*1704377 Harness Assy, Lower (14 & 16 HP Briggs only)

1705447 Harness Assy, Lower (15 HP Kohler only)

*1715805 Harness Upper

'*' indicates what we have.

The donor tractor has an hour meter which could account for the different upper harness. The same lower harness is used for Briggs in both tractors and also for Kohler in both. Since both connect to the same upper harness, it would seem that I should be able to replace the Kohler with the Briggs and just plug the lower and upper harnesses together. Right?

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