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Help me ID this tractor?

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Sorry, the forum isn't working well for me today...

I'm new to this forum and am thankful for all the helpful info I found so far!

I'm trying to ID my new (old) tractor, which, based on looking at photos and forums, looks like a 64-67 A-C B-110. Someone painted it blue - must've been a Ford guy...

I've enclosed some photos, and have not found any identifying marks on it, other than the engine.

I got it running by replacing the battery, cleaning the points and getting a new plug wire, but need a few things addressed:

- Only 1st & 3rd gear work (upper left and right positions) no reverse, so I need to see how to free those up

- Clutch needs adjustment I think

- Do I need the side discharge shroud to get grass to more easily flow out the side?

- Any advice on what to replace my seat with (it's rotted)?

- How do I locate all the right belts and such with no ID?

- I found a manual online for a Simplicity Landlord 101, which appears very similar

- What should I go thru and service first, so I can enjoy this thing? So far, I replaced the gas, oil, air filter, idler pulley , arbor drive and PTO drive belts. I have new blades on-order.

- What engine is this?

I'm not a natural mechanic, but I'm not scared, can follow directions and remove and reinstall things pretty well.

any advice helps!

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Welcome to the club. A lot of your questions can be answered by the videos a member here has on you tube. Search for Zippo Varga tractor videos. Good luck with your tractor...Dave

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Based on the engine data, your tractor should be a product number 990350 or 351, (101) and you can download an operators book by going to the Simplicity website located at the top of this thread.

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Is there a tag behind the seat in the middle? That would tell the model # & serial #. Maybe it's painted over.

The seat isn't original. Maybe you can locate one off ebay or put an ad in the classifieds on this site.

The engine is a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton. The first digits 243431 are the engine model #. The 0123 01 is the engine type. The last 6 digits on the engine are the date code. The engine was made on April 11 1966.

It looks to be a 1966 Simplicity Landlord 101 & should have the model # on the tag behind the seat like Bob described.

990350 would be a manual lift & 990351 would be a Hydrolift. Yours has the manual lever so I assume it would be a 990350 model.

The mower deck looks period correct also with the wire foot rests coming out of it too. They mow fine without the discharge chute. I think it's mostly for safety & to keep stones from flying up.

A good place to look for parts or part #s is www.jackssmallengines.com .

Good luck & welcome to the club.

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