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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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Started a little excavation project this weekend

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Elliot; no the trailer is Simplicity, I painted it gold.

PGL; Grandchildren. We have custody of 2, but 12 total.

LLoyd, In a way it is for me, not having to move or mow around all the kids stuff :D

It wasn't planned quite this big, but it "balloons" as we go. LOL

It was planned at 16' to hold the 12' trampoline and the kids dirt toys so they quit digging in my garden ;)

Went to 18' just because what is the point cutting 2' off free planks.

Now that there is enough space, it may well get a playhouse / swing set. :o

More on the "free" stuff later }:)

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More on the "free" stuff.

I have a relative who is a big believer in in "Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle"

He will bring home nearly anything that might be able to be used later.

He could not be labeled a "hoarder" because he will give away almost anything if you have a good use for it.

I also recently helped him demolish a house, that was supposed to be a "flip" but was too far gone to save, so we have "loads" of used building materials. :D Anything not useable ends up as "cordwood" for my garage or bonfire material for parties.

The 18' planks for the sandbox came from a demolished greenhouse at a school where he worked.

The basketball hoop I'll picture later also came from said school, half of it basketball backboard and hoop, the other half, the frame of a Rebounder trainer. That cost me a little time, 3 bolts and a new net :D Adjustable from about 7' for the kids, to full height and more.

I have another friend, who has a few Simps and A/C's that needed a few parts. He also has a family farm that has on it a nice sand pit.

Cost of 20 ton of sand so far, 1 booster fan for a 12 hp briggs, and a main crank shaft for a sickle bar. :o

He also supplied the ladder for the kids pool :o)

More as we go.....

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Good looking dirt; wish my ground was like that.

And Dan, having a big sandbox probably won't keep the grandkids out of the garden. When I was a kid, I had a large sandbox, probably 12'x12'. But there's nothing better than running your truck around real dirt and a little mud is even better. And where to you find those conditions? Dad's garden of course. As long as I didn't damage the plants, he was OK with it.

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