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Refinishing/rebuilding spindles

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I have a half dozen or so spindles & housings in a milk crate that I've salvaged off of scrap decks. I got them all apart tonight, wrecking only one pulley that wouldn't budge and flattened in the press before the rust broke on it...not to shabby.

How would you guys recommend refurbishing these to have as spares for future use? I'm nervous to sandblast the housings for fear of wearing them down, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I'm thinking I'll soak all the shafts, covers, and pulleys in EvapoRust and see how things turn out. I've never used the stuff personally but have heard very good things about it. I'd like to load them all up with fresh bearings and have them ready to drop in should the need arise.

Any recommendations on getting these parts cleaned up or am I on the right track? Once that's done, I just need to find a good price on good bearings and add them to the parts pile.

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I wouldn't think sand blasting would hurt the housings unless they are so rusted that they are ready to break thru. I wouldn't blast the bearing bores heavily just to be safe, but the outside should be ok, I would think.

On shafts, I usually use scotchbrite to polish the rust off, it won't take off enough metal to change the bearing fit at all, then oil them well.


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A good brush blast will clean the housings. I have not got the toys to blast, so I usually use a needle scaler to knock the worst off, then prime and paint. The shafts, as above, a good scrubbing with Scotch-Brite, or polishing with worn out emery cloth

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Used the Evaporust for spindles, effectively removed the heavy scale and crud, once rinsed they are subject to "flash rust", so a quick coat of CLEAN Evaporust is a good preventative, or a light coat of cooking oil.

Of course at $25+ a gallon out here, a number of members prefer using electrolysis.


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O'reilly in town had it for $17 a gallon and it sounds pretty reusable.

A gallon fills a cheap oil pan nicely and everything but the large housing half of 5 assemblies is in evaporust now. Everything will come out, get rinsed and dried with compressed air. Painted parts will get primer right away and shiny parts will get a coat of WD-40 or T9 before being bagged.

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