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Vari-drive pulley bearing replacement

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I am looking to replace the bearing on avari-drive pulley on my B112.

Anyone replace just the bearing without getting the whole assembly?

Is it just a press fit and any idea what bearing would fit?

I want to take the opportunity to sand blast and powder coat the assembly but I don't want to blast with the bearings in place.



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Good to know they come apart. Any idea what you used for a replacement bearing?

I had to pick up a two jawed bearing pulled to separate the bearing and outer piece from the tube coming out of the pulley half but it came apart quite easily. I have yet to separate the bearing from the inner piece of the assembly. Looking for something the right diameter to try driving it through. Unfortunately the outer ring of the bearing is not accessible from the outside so I will try using a bearing seating tool of a narrower diameter to push it out the other side.

I would have thought this would have come up plenty of times but did not find any posts with others in the same situation.

This is my first tractor with a vari-drive and since the transmission has already been rebuilt and the related components seem to be relatively solid without excess slop in them I want to keep it this way and make use of the extra low gearing when needed without sacrificing a reasonable speed or having to change pulleys.

Thanks for the info.

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