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Powermax with Honda wiring nightmare

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I am beyond my ability to figure out the correct way to wire my simplicity 4040. I haven't had it very long. Previous owner did a complete hack job on wiring, requiring it to be started by jumping solenoid only. I wanted to fix that along with the nest of random wires.

What I've donr:

Bought new stens ignition switch and wire harness. Bought new bosch 5 tab circuit breaker. New battery.

I've looked at other wiring schematics, but can't find a way to make this thing work. I am terribly uneducated on this topic, so if anyone is willing to spoonfeed me the correct order and mapping of wires to their appropriate terminals, i will be grateful. The engine is a gx670 Honda. I'm dealing with a rectifier, a circuit breaker, an ammeter, a starter solenoid and a new battery. I don't know how or where the coils or fuel solenoid come into the mix. I simply want this tractor to run again. Thanks

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Ronald Hribar

The best way is to find someone who makes up wiring harnesses.

They have the ability to adapt one ignition system to another.

And if you want to retain safety system they can do that too.

Ignition switches vary by which ignition system you have on new motor.

The second way involves doing it yourself.

This is the most satisfying way.

will not be as pretty.

will be very frustrating as well.

I recommend doing it the second way.

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The old fa** in me would simply get a good supply of beverages, a couple coils of wire, some terminals, and go for it. If he had it wired to run by starting from the solenoid, and it works, you are looking only for the starting circuit, not a complete rewire, anyway. That should be relatively easy, aggravating...but. Then, when you have it all figured out and working with the key, start building your own harness.

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