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60 inch mower


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Does anyone know where would be the best place to purchase the rear rollers for my 60 inch deck? It takes 6 rollers, they are 2 3/4 x 8 3/4, and about what the price would be.The deck is on a 620 Allis.
Thanks in advance.
Floydster (ACJD man)
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If all else fails, and the OD of the rollers is OK, get
the bores bushed. Many years ago I had purchased some
gray PVC electrical conduit then had a local machine
shop bore the rollers and press the PVC pipe in to make
a low friction bushing. Worked fine for a long time. I
recently rebushed the rollers myself using the same PVC
pipe left over from the first time. The bore of the
PVC I used is slightly over 5/8" which fits the roller
shaft just lovely.
Hope this helps.
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Floyd, Well I checked the size of the spare rollers I have and they are 2 3/4 X 6 3/4, off junked 42" deck. I know Simplicity still sells them but don't know the price. I did price the shaft and two rollers that go on the center baffle and if I remember correctly the total was around 30 dollars. Jeff or Al could probably quote you a price. Tim
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Tim,& Roy thanks for the info.
4 of the rollers on the deck have steal sleeves in them, and they seem to be molded right in the rubber.
Have you guys ever hear of this? I can't get the sleeves out without damaging the roller. The other 2 rollers have nylon sleeves. I could re-sleeve these I think, but the other 4 are impossible. Jeff if you read this could you give me a price on 6 new rollers and a 5/8 shaft. Thanks Floydster
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Simplicty has a repair part kit for these rollers and they are little nylon bushings that come 2 to the package. They simply go into the roller and fill in the hole if they are not worn too badly. The earlier idea of PVC pipe is not a bad suggestion either. Roy g
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