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Oil Filter for Harbor Freight 22hp engine

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After searching for 2-3 hours I finally found some info on a oil filter for the Predator 670 (22hp) engine. Not sure which site it was on but I bought 2 filters at Oreilly's locally it is a Wix 57145 it worked like a champ, no leaks. If anyone has used another filter for their engines please share part no. It was about 5- or 6 dollars. Hope this helps anyone.

Tom Oliver

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Yeah, photos! sm01

When I did my conversion I kept the first post on my thread updated with all the info I gleaned from trail and error and the internets.


I found that these filters work or cross referenced with one that I know worked:

FRAM PH4967 (Confirmed personally, it fits nicely)

Wix 51394

Bosch 3311

Motorcraft FL836

Purolator L14476 is referenced other places but leaves a visible gap without really tightening with a wrench. Don't use.

I know the first two work as I have run them, and the Bosch and Motorcraft cross reference with them. I hadn't come across the Wix filter you mention, but there are really only 3 things to make one work: thread diameter, the depth of the sealing surface, and the diameter of the sealing surface. As long as it threads on and seats, that's just more options!

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