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Starter/Generator problems and solutions

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Not having a problem, just thought I would share. The generator winding died some time ago, but that was ok, as I have a battery charger. Saturday, the starter growled in anger. I charged the battery back up, and this time the growl made me think it was going to bite my leg. Long story short..I removed it, tore it down, had the armature tested. We all know the rest of that story. While i was in the shop, I was asked if I wanted another. Sure, need something cause I do not want to start with a rope. He walked to the back of the store and asked if I wanted bearings and brushes, too. Bearings are easy, so I said yes, brushes, if I could look at another set, would make up my mind. So, with new bearings and brushes in hand, leaving him $110.00, I lift the shop. Parts are not as bad as I thought they would be, and I have been told they are unavailable. They are easily available for those who look.

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I agree.

However I have a reputable shop that specializes in that sort of thing about 30 minutes away. I think though that those shops that specialize in starters, generators, alternators & electric motors in general are not very plentiful from what I gather from reading this site. For those in South Central Wisconsin, I use a place called Best Test which is located just off Hwy. 26 between Milton & Fort Atkinson. Turn around isn't very fast but price & workmanship is worth it.

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The shop I went to is Shoals Alternator, in Muscle Shoals, AL. The owner told me that he is 71, his mechanic, a bit older. Both had retired, closed the shop, at age 65. Both had wives who died after that, and to keep from being bored, opened the shop again. I gave $110 for parts, he had to order the armature, had bearings and brushes in stock. I put it together on Friday and painted it, installed on Saturday. Tractor started right up, ammeter showed about 10 amps for a brief period, then dropped to zero, as it should. That solved, I can go on to bigger and different, so I took the deck off to replace the blade belt...which will also require replacing the center shaft..Always a lot of fun!

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