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B210 rear lift

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Is the frame length different on the B110?  I am not sure if they made the change by year or by the HP of the engine.

However, I did just take the lift rod from a 3210V to use on a B112.  The rod was short by about 3-1/2".   I used a piece of an old drive shaft from one of the tractors, cut a 5" section from the bar, drilled and tapped both ends to 3/4" depth.  I then connected the lift rod at the rear to determine in it's up and down positions where to make my cut so that the larger diameter of the new piece would ride over part of the transmission without interference but not come into contact with anything else on the frame when in the fully lifted position.  I then cut the rod and threaded it 3/4" on each side and put the whole thing together.  It is working perfectly.

You could weld a new section into the rod to lengthen it if you get a really good solid weld.  I would recommend sleeving the outside of the rod for added strength but it may not be necessary.  I had no material the right size to sleeve it with and did not have a drill the right size to drill out piece of drive shaft to slip over the existing rod so I went with drilling/tapping/threading to make it all work solidly.

There are many ways it can be done of course but there is clearance towards the back of the tractor just over and in front of the transmission for any added material to clear, you just have to get your measurements right.

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The b-110 is a short frame tractor, three speed.

The B-112 was variable, with longer frame plates.


The single point lift will work with the right collars.

You will need a longer rod.

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