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Homelite T-116?

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Hi guys. I "made" this Homelite T-116 Saturday. I was going to pretend it is a real tractor to see what you guys would think, but I didn't want to offend anyone or you guys to think I was wanting attention.

So, Saturday I got out my 7116 to put it back together after borrowing parts off of it for my 3415 pulling tractor. I took this picture of it then "painted" it on my iPad. I think it is good enough to look real.

I think if someone painted a 7100 like a Homelite it would look pretty neat! I don't want to paint mine since it is my only 7116.

Also, please excuse the crooked hood on the B-10. It was outside but I was in a hurry to put a battery in it to get it out of the rain.


Thanks for looking!

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