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Signature and Personal Gallery

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If you have posted, it is obvious that your Signature was converted.  However, it may not be formatted correctly.  To clean up the formatting, go to the Account Settings option on the dropdown menu underneath your user name in the top right corner of the screen.  Then, select Signature from the options on the left.  This will open your signature in the text editor and allow you to format it.  If you were using a picture(s) that is not being displayed, you should be able to find all the pictures that you have uploaded by using the My Attachments option on that same dropdown menu underneath your user name.  

Similarly, if you had a personal photo gallery in your profile on the old site, those pictures did not get moved to these photo galleries.  However, the pictures should have been moved over.  Again, you can find those pictures by using the My Attachments option.

To insert and use any of the pictures that show up in My Attachments anywhere in the new clubhouse, use the Insert other media button that appears below the editor.  It will give you the option to browse and reuse those pictures, in addition to pictures in the new photo galleries here. 



 There was no way to do a "bulk import" into the Gallery section here, because photos stored there are cataloged differently.  Each photo placed in this new Gallery also reads the camera data (EXIF data) that is associated with the picture and stores it, while that data is ignored elsewhere.  But, you should be able to create a new Member Gallery here, and reuse/place those photos that now show up in My Attachments by using the Insert other media option.

Sorry for any inconvenience and manual effort this requires!  But so far, I have only one report of a member who actually lost some of their pictures in this whole conversion process.  Part of his, but not all, got moved over -- there was a hiccup in the process somewhere...

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