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3414s snowblower questions

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 I need some guidance. I have my 3414s baron running very well and would like to use it in winter months. When I bought it it came with the 42" plow, but I am considering buying a snowblower attachment. Honestly I am confused. I do not have a front pto and I thought I could run a blower from the mower pto.  I found several blowers on Craigslist but I am not sure what model is the best for me. So I have some questions .

1 do they make an aftermarket front pto with clutch that you can buy currently?

2. Is using a blower a big advantage to using the plow?

3. What is the best set up for the long haul?

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I think the blower you picture is for a FDT; it looks like the hitch has the clutch built in like this:Old_Hitch_0011a.jpg

(In your pic, I see the side mounted clips for holding the safety cover in place, they were also removed in the above pic)

Also, the FDT blowers had a smaller driven pulley (4 1/2" or 5" I think) vs the RBT 7" driven pulley.  Max size pulley you can fit in a FDT blower head is about 6 1/2".  The tunnel is different between the FDT and RBT blower heads.  The driven pulley is matched to the driver pulley diameter to get the correct auger speed.  You can run the blower from your tractor's mid PTO, but it takes some modification.  Some members have done it and posted about their solution.

I used the above FDT hitch (cut off the clutch arm so it would fit inside the hood) on a 7100 series with electric PTO:Rebuild_0004.jpg


Pics of the modified FDT hitch mounted:





The RBT 2 pulley hitch is longer as can be seen in this pic (IMO easier on belts since there's more distance for the belt twists):Old_New_Compare_0015.jpg


See this post for pics of the RBT two pulley hitch mounted to a 7100 series tractor:


I use both a blade and snow blower tractor; blade for light snows (max 3") and the blower for heavier snows.

The best setup for the long haul is a matter of ones opinion.  IMO, if you get a lot of snow, having the blower avoids big banks at the side of the driveway, a definite advantage. 

Also, if you have a gravel driveway, IMO, a blower isn't so good.  Too easy to blow rocks.

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I was wondering what type of electric clutch that was.

I'm not sure if I am going to do this project this year. I already have a walk behind blower and I just restored an old plow blade I had....I know yellow was not the best color to paint it



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It's yours, paint it what ever color you want, nothing says it has to be orange or black. Just my $.02

Nice lookin tractor dOd

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