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3415S - governor issue?


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Hi all, been lurking for a little bit, and seems a good place to ask about my Simplicity 3415S.


I've had it for about 5 years, and this will be the 3rd year using it to clear the driveway when it snows.

My issue is when it's cold (lower than 25 degrees), it acts like the governor gets stuck. The motor stays revved up, but when it has to work, the governor won't kick in.

The linkage is free. It seems to be sticking inside the block. Any ideas?

Oh, it's a Briggs single cylinder, 15 hp.


Another question... you'll notice the hood on mine is black. I've yet to see another one of these with a black hood. I'm assuming someone painted it. Or did some come from the factory with a black hood?




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Someone did paint your hood. Not factory. You may be getting frost forming in the carb intake passage. There is a winter cover for the muffler which directs warm air over the carb to prevent this happening. They come up on EPay sometimes but lots on here have made their own out of sheet metal and a large hose clamp. Someone who has done that may post a pic for you or search winter carb cover. Welcome to the forums.

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There's also a winterizing kit for the 7000/7100 series tractors with Briggs engines.  It's MFG#1690565.

I just put the Installation Instructions in the "Download" section of the site.


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Thanks for the replies. Seems running these Briggs motor in the cold is indeed a common problem, so glad to see it's not just happening to me. At this point, looks like I'll rig up something that looks similar to what you guys are referring too.

And also thanks for confirming my thought about the hood being painted black.


Much appreciated guys!

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Thanks for the Reynolds Wrap tip, Horvik. 

I haven't a chance to fabricate a heat shield yet, and it's cold and snowing so I'll have to run it today. So it looks like I'll be using trying aluminum foil today.

As for the black hood, now that I know it's not original, I've got mixed feelings about it. My guess is somwhere along it's life, someone painted it black to reduce the sun's glare off a white hood.

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So... I wrapped a bit of aluminum foil round the exhaust pipe and hung the excess down over the carb.

It ran perfect today at 17 degrees, something it's not done before. 

Thanks again Horvik, for the Reynolds Wrap tip!


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