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eBay Conduct - 2


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In defense of eBay, I have seldom been disappointed with purchases. In fact, some sellers have become new friends of mine. Here are the rules I follow: 1) Examine feedback (if the seller has many unhappy customers, stay away). 2) Know what you are bidding on (read the description, payment, and shipping instructions, and examine photos carefully. Don’t assume anything….. ask questions and expect prompt responsive answers). 3) Read between the lines (“tight bearings” could mean not worn out and sloppy, or rusted and frozen so they don’t turn). 4) Know what the value is to YOU. It shouldn’t matter to you what others believe or bid. 5) Don’t second guess your bid, or get “auction fever”. 6) Be particularly careful with “new” sellers (they may be very honest, but naïve and not know how to represent an item accurately). 7) Except for rare exceptions….. I only bid if an item has a full and accurate description, and clear photo(s). The few times I was disappointed, I didn’t follow my own rules because the item was only a few dollars, or it seemed like a “buy” that was too good to be true…… and it was.
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