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Trailer Tailgate

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This started out as a quickie wood trailer, tossed together due to the need for a trailer. (Disregard tin top; that is for another application!)
It was made to dump with the tailgate hinged at the top.589fc3c317486_ChipperTrailer03.thumb.JPG.d3b5a3d65eec761ed0d3c96796d6b4f8.JPG

Then as I progressed, I added motorcycle wheels and made a bracket to put the chipper on the trailer. The hitch pulls out for the chipper bracket, slides back in when just a trailer.


I then tossed the wood box (after about 15 years!) and made a steel box for it.

This tailgate hinges at the bottom, and can be removed fairly quickly.


Making a closure for the tailgate stumped me.  I wanted it simple and easy. I finally went cheap: Two bolts on each side, inside the trailer. This was not a problem, even when full of wood chips.  But the "bumps" on the tailgate held material from sliding off easy when dumping.  Got to thinking about my childhood days one day, recalling ensilage cutting time. And the tailgate latches we had on the early wagons.
Hey! I have one of those small load binders around! Bolted chains on each side, spaced right to have good tension on the binder.
BUT: Note how well I had welded the bolts on. Not only all around the edge, but even through the screw holes. (WHAT WAS I thinking???) Took a lot of grinding to get them off!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here it the New and Improved Chipper Trailer set-up:


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It raises the chipper up to a comfortable height. The trailer holds 1/2 cubic yard of chips when full, and I've lost track of how many loads I've done. When I have a "quickie" chip job and leave the chipper on the ground, I realize just how much better it is on the hitch.


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