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Social Media Integration

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We set up a Facebook group for the site/club almost a year ago, here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1672678926339482/  

Trying to expand that whole social media integration aspect, the club/site now has a Twitter account, with the address of @SimpleTractors and this Twitter homepage: https://twitter.com/SimpleTractors/

That Twitter account is linked also to a separate Facebook page -- NOT THE FACEBOOK GROUP  ABOVE -- FB will not link a group to a Twitter account, only a page:

So, I created a companion Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/SimpleTractorsClub/

Note that Facebook also would not allow me to use the whole club's name, so it is shortened to SimpleTractorsClub as shown above.

If you send a Tweet to the @SimpleTractors Twitter account above, it will also post and show up on that Facebook page. As described above, I couldn't link it to the Facebook Group, but that page will allow anyone to post to it (unless it starts getting spammed to death). I've tested that whole integration by tweeting a link from the Gallery and it posted to Facebook also. You should be able to Tweet to it also.

I've also converted my old personal Pinterest account to one for the site, here:https://www.pinterest.com/tkentt/ I'm not sure how well that can be integrated, but it is there... I can share pictures from the site there, with links that bring you back here...

The last "social network" I plan to integrate is Google+  

Then, I'll see about integrating the capability to Sign In or Join from some of those other networks other than Facebook -- which already works.

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1 hour ago, rokon2813 said:

Sounds cool.

I'm not into "social media" so I probably won't see it, but I like the idea of integration....

Nor am I really, I just know that a site can be "penalized" when it comes to showing up in Google (and other) web searches if you don't have it...


Social Networking Service (SNS)

You are missing social impetus through Twitter, Google+. Twitter is a great source for Viral marketing. You are missing customers who wan't to engage with you on a social level. Although new, you can benefit from a Google Plus page as it directly ties in with various Google services and has relevance in search stats as well.


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