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bevel gearbox


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I am going to be putting new bearings in my bevel gear box
soon and am wondering if someone can tell me i.d. and
o.d. of the bearings, and also the width.I know the
dealers won't be too happy with me, but I take pride
in building A tractor with as little money as possible
by using my resources.The co. I work for can get bearings
really cheap. The main reason I'm asking is because
if I order them in advance I could rebuild in one day
as long as the gears are ok. Thanks in advance,Rich.
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Rich, I've got some good news and some bad news. I recently took my gear box out to remove a broken bolt. The 2 smaller seals were leaking, so I tore it down and was going to replace all the bearings and seals while it was out. I got the numbers off the bearings and called the local Applied Industrial Technologies and ordered them, except for the large seal and spacer which is dealer only item. I picked the parts up and started to put it back together. Pressed in needle bearings & seals. Ok. Went to install roller bearings and id was too big-1" instead of 7/8". Took them back and learned that the special id was made for Simplicity and they could not get them, dealer item. The old roller bearings were still in good shapeso I reused them, so I dont know how much they cost. I think the needle bearings were around 4-6$ each and the small seals were around $4 each. I dont remember how much thelarge seal cost, I got it at the dealer 2 years ago, and I bought 2 so I had a spare. I hope this helps. AdamF
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I found the bearing #'s for the needle bearings and small seals that I purchased for my tractor.

Needle bearings-2 required: Torrington JH1412- $6.32ea
Seals-2 required: National 471267- $4.80ea

The roller bearings and large seal are unfortunatly dealer items. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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