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Snowblower Performance

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Hello folks - new member, and this is my first post (been a lurker for a loooooong time).

I'd like to know what sort of performance I can expect from a 36" snowblower mounted on an Allis 912.  The tractor is one of the nicest originals I've ever seen.  The motor DOES have an issue where it gets boggy after it's been running for 15-30 minutes or so.  But I'll save that discussion for another time.  In this case, during those first 15 minutes or so the motor gets full revs just like it's supposed to so my tractor "performance" is what I would expect during that time.  This past winter, I blew out the driveway 3 or 4 times (not a lot of snow this season) and probably had 6-10" of light snow of varying depths along the driveway due to drifting.  This was not wet, heavy stuff, nor concrete hard drifts - just soft, non-compacted snow.

Anyway, I've never really been impressed with these single-stage blowers so my expectations are low.  I suppose I would get this thing to blow snow maybe 8-10ft  at best.  My ground speed is always pretty slow, but I would have to creep to avoid loading up the blower; at times it would load up to the point where the snow would just sort of puke out of the chute...in which case I would have to back off and really let it clear out.

I feel like I should be able to have a faster ground speed, but maybe not?  It just seems it should be able to do better, but I have nothing to compare it to.  The auger spins freely as far as I can tell, but maybe you guys have some ideas of things to look at where maybe the blower itself is needing attention.

Thanks much!

Kyle Sands <>< Brandon, MN

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I have 38 years of experience using Simplicity snow throwers on 3 different tractors, (2) 7016's (16HP) (1 manual and 1 hydro) w/ 42" and a late model Sovereign (18HP) w/ 42". All snow throwers are not created equal, but IMHO, the Simplicity new style (non 3-belt drive) snow throwers are the best. I have not seen any other snow thrower blow so many different types of snow and not plug. The 16HP/42" is 0.38HP per inch of blower width, your 12HP/36" is 0.33HP per inch of blower width. Almost the same. The hydro works better than a manual transmission blowing snow, because you have better control of the feed rate. Run your motor at WOT/3600RPM blowing snow. I suggest resolving the issue with the motor not running properly after 15-30 minutes. Sounds to me like an ignition issue. If you are running points, maybe a condenser is getting hot.

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Welcome Kyle. Great group of people here. I check in here almost daily since I found it. 


I would certainly get the sluggish issue after 30 minutes squared away. The vast majority of blowers are single stage. I'm thinking your 912 should do pretty well. 

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If it only throws snow 8-10ft when the engine is running full speed, then you may have a pulley size issue, or belt slipping.  Because this is a 912 is the belt that runs the snowthrower a very long belt that is powered from the center of the tractor and is engaged from the left hand lever (most common for 900 series), or is the belt driven off the front of the engine, that you engage with the right hand lever?

The auger on the thrower really spins, and they work better if you can stuff the auger (run fast enough that the auger is at least 1/2 full or it will throw a lot of snow straight forward instead of out the chute.

Also a couple of pictures will help with the diagnosis.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.  Yes, I definitely need to get the engine issue taken care of since it is just plain annoying.  I'll start a separate thread on that topic; I don't believe that issue is having an effect on the blower performance in general as this thing starts up and runs about as perfect as any Allis I've had...for those first several passes up and down the driveway.  And I just don't feel this blower is doing what it is capable of.  I just bought this tractor last summer and only used it for blowing snow this winter.  I could put the mower deck on and give it a go on the lawn and see if the motor acts up in a similar fashion.  My first inclination when the bogging issue came up was something along the line of snow getting somewhere and causing either an electrical problem or fuel flow problem; or perhaps the carb icing up in some mannner.  But again, I'll save that for another discussion.  For the sake of this thread here, let's assume the power is being transferred to the clutch as it should.

Bill725: what is a "non-3-belt drive" blower?

jimmystractor: I used to think that a 12hp tractor was short on power...but then as I learned the history of lawn and garden tractors, seeing that 7hp was midrange and 10 hp was considered a big tractor - and those machines did every chore under the sun - well, a 12hp should be plenty to shoot snow from one side of a 10ft wide driveway to the other.

MikeES: what sort of pictures would you like to see?  Photos of the tractor blowing, or just pictures of the tractor set-up?  Unfortunately, there's nothing left for me to blow around here; but I can show a few photos of the tractor.  This blower is powered from the center PTO.  I had a 712S that had the front PTO and a blower, but I never used it for that chore.  Sold that machine years ago...

Belt slippage seems like a reasonable possibility.  How would I go about checking for proper belt tension or other remedies to slippage?  When the blower "loads up" and just seems to "puke" snow rather than blow it, the motor doesn't seem to load up, I just lose RPM's on the auger.  That would seem to suggest belt slippage.  I should clarify that I assume the auger is losing RPM's since I'm not able to see what's actually going on up there.  I've never heard the belt squeal or anything, though I suppose it might never make any noise.

If it were a pulley size issue, the only pulley that really could be changed that would make a difference is the driven pulley on the blower itself, right?  The drive pulley on the clutch could never be changed, I assume, to something other than stock.  That auger spinning is scary!  It really moves.

Just a little about my Allis background.  My first tractor was an Allis 712 shuttle that I used strictly for mowing.  I have hilly terrain and threw a con-rod on that motor after a few seasons.  My "fix" was to purchase an Allis 917H repowered with an M18 and that's been my primary tractor for the past 7 years or so.  I eventually fixed the 712S and then promptly sold it - love the smoothness of the twins and just didn't want anything but a hydro.  A few years ago, I purchased a second 917H with a worn, but well-running KT17 series 1 and that is my tilling tractor.  And now I have this 912H - the only reason I bought it is because the price was waaaaay too low to pass up.  Since it was set-up for blowing snow, I decided to give it a try this winter.  Results are mixed, but it sure is a pretty machine (and much warmer than an ATV and plow)!





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