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7 hours ago, 720nut said:

Welcome back

Thank you!  I have just finished going thru all the "unread content" since I drifted away!  Wow, folk have been busy identifying problems and solving them!

Best wishes to you all!


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Thanks Daniel.  I feel good being back reading the Forum content and getting fired up to interact.

My Simplicity is all dismantled, I have had all the PO holes and modifications welded up and/ or ground off and my next step is to re-assemble it to see that everything lines up and fits.  I will then take it all apart, clean each piece and repaint it, and then re-build it.  I have parts coming from both rokon2813 (Dan) and Brenda at Sandy Lake Impliment.

I must get to updating my blog, and documenting my progress.

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